“ The best place to seek God is in a Garden ”

All lost and confused about how to mend your garden? Or are you just out of ideas about what tools to use to maneuver your garden in a way that you want it to look like?

If you are going through similar dilemma then you have come to the right place, as here you will learn about the best possible solutions of overcoming your garden flaws.

Can you survive without plants? The only answer is a big NO, cause no matter how much further we go in technological terms, you can’t just replace plants. They are an essential part of our planet and always will be. By default you are destined to see plants and greenery as a goodwill gesture.

A good looking and a well- maintained garden means a better you, which will also reflect the best facet of your personality, as the exterior of your house tells all about the interior.


All this urban development has deprived us of our nature to which we originally belong. If we stick to the old customs then it will take us backward in modern sense, on the other hand if we just go with the flow then we will be responsible for our own destruction. So what do we do now? Are we stuck?  Of course you will never want to live this way in which you become hostile towards your own environment. Being caught up amidst these disastrous situations, there arises a dire need for you to think of the most suitable solution to cater to this dangerous matter at hand.


We fully understand that not everyone can afford to have all the luxuries of life, but the real luxury is living close to the nature right? Where you are miles away from the intricacies of life and can sense the real you, this is where you can heal your soul and recharge yourself after a hectic day. True sense of tranquility only exists in the heart of nature.

Best digging tools for gardening

How to get it all started? Well you can make a very good use of even the least space available to you. Even if your garden is a few yards, you can still make it look pleasing to the eyes, and for that we are going to share some magical tools with you, which we have learnt about in an amount of time, but don’t you worry, it’ll be all easy for you to apply.

1- Tread lite Broad Fork

This tool comes at the top of the list especially if you want to make a good use of your garden. This tool comes in handy in preparing your garden bed if you want to use it to cultivate your own fruits and vegetables, not just for business purpose but for your own use as well.

The usage of this tool is amazingly easy, all you have to do is grip the wooden handles and making sure the tines are dug down deep into the ground for tilling the soil as flat as possible.

This way at the same time you will be able to grow the grass, as well as beautify your lawn and yield the optimum amount of crops from your very own garden. How cool is that!

The best thing about tread lite is that it can be used by the people of any age group, even kids as old as 5 or 6 years, isn’t it something too feasible?

Woops! What are you waiting for, just go and grab it.

tread lite broad fork -

2- Gardening Knife

gardening knife-

After that your crops are fully ripe and it’s time to harvest, you might want to acquire an easy to carry tool which does not add up to your irritation, so there is nothing better than having a small pocket knife yet pretty useful. It is very cheap and easily accessible from anywhere.

Moreover it can also help you in tying down the rope around your plants to keep them in shape and not letting them fall from there place.

One thing to keep in mind that they are made up of different material and often comes in different shapes, so buy the one which suits you the best.

But yes beware, this kind of tool should be kept out of the reach of young children as they may harm themselves because they can’t be trusted in the handling of this tool.

3- Shovel

The most ever-green gardening tool is the shovel, it’s been in use for centuries and is considered the most dynamic and irreplaceable gear because it is actually a multi-purpose tool and you can do tasks like digging, moving the soil and making the ground even.


It has a long wooden handle with either a concave or convex blade attached at the end, so it is up to you which one you got to use ( according to your needs).

If you don’t want to invest a lot in your garden or if your objective is to just keep your lawn all clean and green then there is no better tool for you than a shovel as it can alone take care of most of your needs.

Beware, shovels can break if used too frequently or using for removing snow or any hard material constantly. So do consider that thing.


shovle (2)

4- Hand Hoe Cultivator


It’s a small hand-held tool with a flat blade at one side and usually three bars of pointed blade at the other to dig the ground, sowing the seeds and then after words leveling the earth.

It helps you a great deal while making rows of certain plants, like if you want to have particular kind of fruits or vegetables in a single row then you can easily pave a way and can make sections and divide your garden as you wish to.


They work like shovels but for good accuracy and authenticity Hoe’s are a better choice.

They can also be used as masonry trowels whose sole purpose is to level the ground but Hand Hoe cultivator gives you an extra feature that is why you would want to have this among your lots of gardening tools, or maybe you can replace those ‘lots’ with this one alone.


5- Strap Spade

Not to confuse yourself between a shovel and a spade, shovels are slightly longer and have a curved blade while spades have a flat pointed blade and are shorter in length.

Strap spades are normally used in the place of trowels especially when the space of the ground is just too big for a trowel to flat it, otherwise its usage is very much the same.

Some people might have a back problem so it is possible that their pain won’t allow them to lean properly (in the case of elderly guys), thus not getting the desired result i.e. not flat earth.

Hence, spades make a good combination with shovels.

strap spade-

6- Hand Pruners

hand pruner-

Next in the line are the pruners, they shape your plants in a way to make them look modern and pretty decent too. You can cut the leaves in any geometrical shape you want to, moreover you can fix any part of the plant or detach the dried leaves.

There are three basic types of hand pruners namely bypass, anvil and ratchet. Of these the most common being the bypass as it gives you the cleanest cut as compared to the other two.

Their costs can vary between $10 to something as high as $75, so keep in mind what you really need and always remember to choose the quality brand such as ARS, Corona or Felco.

Since it is a mechanical tool so its parts can wear out, viewing that go for the replaceable parts.

Who does not want pruning of the plants? Without pruning, your plants would have an ordinary look which also sometimes tells a lot about your personality (that there is no innovativeness in you). Would you want people to think like that about you???

7- Hand Plow Hoe

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Hand Plow Hoe is actually a hybrid tool, it gives you all-in-one facilities of tools like spades, shovels, trowels and hand hoe cultivators.

It is light weighted so even the handling is not that difficult which means lesser chances of wrist strains.

You can easily use it to sow the seeds or arrange your plants in a row or make any kind of artistic pattern of your choice without mastering the techniques.

If you are not in the mood to spend much of your budget in gardening tools and still want the best out of it so I suggest that this is the tool for you. But yes the tasks could be time consuming since it’s a small tool.

I would recommend this personally and it’s a must-use tool for every gardener out there.

hand plow hoe -

8- Gardening Hand Tools

garden tools

There are a plenty of hand tools that you can use for your garden but first you always have to take care of your hygiene while dealing with the ground of your garden and for this you must cover your hands properly with a good pair of gardening gloves. They not only keep you clean but also saves you from harmful bacteria present in the mud which can later transfer to inside of you.

Setting up a rain gauge in your lawn helps you in keeping track of the amount of water that your plants need so you can make sure to keep them healthy enough and satisfying yourself.

If you are looking for a smaller version of Tread Lite Broad Fork then ‘Hand Rakes’ can be your most suitable replacement if your garden is not that big and smaller instruments are most likely to get the job done.

9- Scoop

Scooping is one thing that you gardeners need every now and then, sometimes it becomes a nuisance for us to clean the lawn and keeping the things all tidy. You clean it once and when you get back you find the same amount of mess again.

I know there cannot ever be any permanent solution to this, if you love gardening then this shouldn’t affect you much, However if it happens in excess then obviously it can be really annoying for anyone.

Anyways the best tools for dealing with such issues are ‘soil scoop’ and ‘leaves scoop’, because these are some problems that you encounter frequently.

Sometimes there exists some unwanted or waste material such as manure which you would like to remove almost as instantly by not touching it with your bare hands.

Use of scooping tools is always beneficial.


10- Loopers


Loopers are used by professional gardeners because it works quickly and high precision and accuracy is required while working with this long scissor. In fact it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s the longest manual gardening tool.

Loopers are best when you have to cut the long grass or just trim the leaves to a certain extent. You can also use it to shape the leaves of your trees.

Its handling is not that easy but if you have got some good gardening skills then you are good to go otherwise I would ask you to stay away as you may harm yourself as it is really not for amateurs.

So guys as I mentioned before if you want your garden to be a part of heaven or a place where you could find your soul then those above explained tools are a must-use for you, as I couldn’t think of much cheaper yet effective tools in every way round.

The tools that have been discussed here are mostly the ones which are easily accessible publicly so it won’t be a hassle for anyone of you in approaching them.

Lastly, always remember to put forth your needs or prepare a to-do-list before you actually go forward for the shopping of gardening gear.